1 year Anniversary

On November 2nd, 2013, Udne Ki Asha will be completing 1 year of its formation. It has been a very interesting journey

for me and my team to start this new journey.  It was similar to when a baby is born and everyone is careful with the baby

in the first few months and a year…

Group photo

I take this opportunity to thank each one of you who have traveled with us last 1 year.

  •    Those who are supporting us financially.
  •    Those who have liked the Udne ki Asha page on Facebook and sharing it with their friends.
  • Those who are taking the time to meet with us to discuss the possibilities of us supporting each other.
  • Those who have donated stationery materials, Art Supplies, Books etc to us.
  • Those who are sharing their talent and skills with us to benefit Udne Ki Asha.
  • Those who are giving their valuable time to spend with the children
  • Our families who always stood by us.

The List is endless.. Know that if you do not follow in any of the above category you are still being remembered.

We have compiled our activities of last 1 year in form of a small report which will be uploaded on this blog or will be send to you by email .

If you are reading this mail, please drop us a mail so that we have your personal email id for all future correspondence.

Thanking you..

With Lots of Love

Reshma G Kurup


Learning what it means to share

At the end of the month we are celebrating birthdays of everyone who birthday fell in that month. So September 27th was one such day were the birthday celebration took place for our staff Meena and a kid John. We sang songs and distributed sweets on their behalf to all the kids. They were  very happy. 

The next day when we had the parent meeting, at the end of the meeting, john came and gave me a chocolate. I asked him for what. And he said for his birthday. 

Just the act of him remembering to bring a chocolate to thank us showed that somewhere he got what it meant to share and care for others..

We are in the right direction…..

First Parent Meeting

First Parent Meeting

On Saturday, September 29th we had our first Parent Meeting at the Srirampuram Youth Development Centre.
It was a very historic moment as it was for the first time in that area 18 ladies came together to talk about their children. Two of the mothers while sharing about the kids almost were in tears.
We told them that we are there for them and for any problem they can come to us especially if it is about their kid

Independence Day Celebrations

Tomorrow our first batch of kids from the YDC will be organising the entire Independence Day celebrations in their own area.. They will be taking care of the program which includes FLAG HOISTING, 2 songs etc. After the event, they will head straight to their school to attend the program at their school…It is not a normal aspect in a child’s life.. Where they take responsibility of program in their area and then attend school too…

“Responsibility increases ability and makes you powerful” Have been hearing and practising this for last 10 years in my life.. And today it stands so true when I see these kids taking complete responsibility for their actions….

Wait for the updates tomorrow…